I’ve carefully chosen affiliates and sponsors who sell useful things with an eco friendly bias. If you would like to advertise on www.less-stuff.co.uk please contact me. You can read my media pack here.

Glugglug Planet

Eco-Friendly Products and Reusable Eco-friendly Drinking Straws in gorgeous bright colours. Sign up for the mailing list at www.glugglugplanet.com to receive an immediate discount of 5% if you purchase Glugglug products from Amazon.


Neros Notes at Pocket Notebooks

Stationery enablers, experts and enthusiasts Pocket Notebooks have sponsored my notebook needs for 2018. They have a huge and extensive range of journals, pads, sketchbooks, pens and pencils and they sell the very brilliant Trigg Life Mapper. You can get an insight into their lovely obsession through their Instagram account.


Mano Mano

Run by avid DIYers, Mano Mano are a brilliant online resource for tools, materials and things to make your home nicer. Customer service is fantastic, fast and friendly too. Home of the best chalkboard paint in the entire world! Check out their gardening section too!



Memory Zoo

Katie says “I have been making bespoke, handmade heirlooms for my customers for many years and have had the joy of being able to make them for hundreds of families so far.  My heirloom waiting list is 12 months long and you can join the list at www.memoryzoo.co.uk.  I also teach beginners to sew and have encouraged and helped many people to take up the wonderful art of sewing.  I have a Facebook community where every level of sewer is encouraged, helped and supported.  After listening to my customers and to my students I have designed an Heirloom Sewing Kit that can be made by anyone, no matter their sewing level.  All you need is an iron and some beloved clothes that you want to treasure for years to come – rather than have them wasting away in a box.  Everything you need is included in the box and the Facebook community will help you to make your own truly excellent and beloved heirloom.  I am always around to help and answer your questions through the community and do frequent Facebook Lives.  You can contact me either through Facebook, Twitter or on my email which is katie@memoryzoo.co.uk”

Where Does It Come From?

Is a clothing brand offering high quality basics for adults and children. We work with social enterprises and artisans to create our beautiful clothes – always according to fair trade standards and using sustainable production methods.  Our clothes are traceable too – you can explore your garment’s creation story using a code on the label – getting to know where the cotton grew, the eco-friendly processes used and the people involved.  We believe that sharing this information not only gives peace of mind but also will inspire you to have a better relationship with your clothes – loving them more and keeping them longer.


Washable Organic & Patterned Cloth Pads & Panty Liners, Moon Sponges & Cups are becoming more and more popular; they are the comfortable & safe alternatives to disposables; free from bleaches, irritants and chemicals!

Many of our products will last for years and save you money- being kind to your purse whilst being kind to the planet!


Help customers save money on their gas & electricity and include green energy suppliers, business energy and business phones through a price comparison service. The service is only available for UK addresses. Typical energy savings are £616 for an average house for energy. Businesses can typically cut their bills by 15% – 20% which can often be thousands of pounds.

The service is free of charge, impartial and independent and is certified by ConsumerFocus the regulatory body.


A mouldable glue that sets into rubber, it fixes almost everything!

Thompson and Morgan seeds and plants

Established in 1855, their range now includes over 6,000 plants, bulbs, seeds, fruit, seed potatoes plus many more products.

Preloved Classifieds

Every month Preloved help thousands of our members turn their clutter into cash, and there’s always something interesting, decidedly unusual or downright quirky being advertised for sale – from space hoppers and sailing boats, to classic cars and camping gear.

Mooncup – reusable sanitary protection

Buy one in your thirties and it might last until you don’t need it any more – that is lots less waste than tampons!