3 things you say to persuade yourself you need clutter.

Imagine this: You are out for a coffee with a friend. On the way home you see a thing you are tempted to get. It calls to you, lures you with it’s Sirens song. “Buy me, buy me!” It screams at you!

buy_me_graphicYou say to yourself:

1) “It’s the last one left”

Face the facts;  it’s the last one left because no one else wanted it. You are not a safe haven for unwanted items, it is not your duty to provide it shelter or heat.

2) “I could do with one of those”

Really? How often do you need an avocado so accurately sliced that you need a gadget to do it? Have you got something else that would do the same job and cost you nothing, while taking up no space?

3) “It’s a bargain”

It’s a bargain because no one else wants it. You are probably not the one person who can carry off that odd shade of pink, trust me.

There is a picture of a stuffed fox on this post because the last time I battled with recluttering was over £130 worth of taxidermy. It pulled all my heartstrings, it was a bargain, there was only one of them and I ‘needed’ it.

Reclutttering is much easier than decluttering. I’ve got a handy printable recluttering checklist that adds more reasons not to reclutter to the list above too.

If all this doesn’t persuade you that you don’t need the “lovely thing” ask yourself just one simple question.

“Do I love it?”

If you totally love it:

  • your heart rate will not be racing from infatuation
  • you will be able to think rationally
  • you will know if you can really afford it
  • you will be able to wait for it
  • it will make you happy every time you see it
  • it will improve your life radically

If you totally love it, give your self permission to get it and totally enjoy it!

Do you want to declutter?

At less-stuff there are lots of guides and prompts that will help you decide if you need to keep the stuff you have. Start here for a no purge, no overwhelm approach to decluttering.

And if you would like some company when you are making space for the things you love, come and join our lovely Facebook community.

by the way – I didn’t buy the fox!