Here are some ideas to help you control the amount of time you spend on Social Media sites.  A lot of the tips will help with Twitter and LinkedIn as well but I’m mostly referring to Facebook.

  • Install a block on your computer to limit the time you are able to access sites: Leechblock is for Firefox, Cold Turkey is a similar programme for Windows and Self Control is for Macs.
  • Unfollow people or pages you are just not interested in.
  • You can unfollow friends and they won’t know about it, so it’s not as harsh as unfriending someone.
  • Stop notifications – we get a little adrenalin rush when we hear or see that someone has noticed us, we can’t help it, our brains do it. This can get addictive so if you stop the audible notifications at least it will help keep things under control.
  • You can stop all notifications from everywhere if you like.
  • Do you really know and like all your friends? It may be time for a kind cull.
  • If a page you are not interested shows up in your newsfeed unlike it right then and there.
  • Ignore requests to play games (you can hide them on your timeline).
  • Ignore new friend requests unless you actually know and like them.