Zero Waste Wrapping Bags – Reversible


Big enough to take a pile of books, a knitted jumper or probably a small cat if you tried hard enough.

If you give one of these as wrapping for a gift, the recipient can re-gift it if they choose to. If they want to keep it there are a million uses for them. You can store bread in them. They fit nicely around your wrist to enable a bit of bus stop knitting so they make great project bags. I have one for my ongoing sock knitting and another that holds a sketch book and some pens.

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I love unwrapping gifts but I hate the wastefulness of the wrapping. This year, all my gifts will be given in reusable bags. Not only can these be reused year after year, they are also reversible so you get 2 bags in one.

These are Japanese Knot Bags. They are handmade by me, in my kitchen, while fending off cats. How the big cat has still got his whiskers I don’t know, his nose always wants to be near my scissors.

Despite the challenges of working with cats these bags are beautifully made from 100% cotton. Each bag has one patterned side and one plain side. You knot the bag by pulling the long handle through the shorter one. If you want to keep the bag to use all year around you can turn any seasonal prints inside out and have the plain side as the outside.

Actual measurements (may differ very slightly as each is hand-made)

  • Width at widest point when laid flat 33cm
  • Height of bag from base (not including straps) 33cm.
  • Total height including longest strap 53cm.

100% cotton, should not bleed but please wash carefully at a low temperature.

Each bag takes me an hour to make and costs me £4 in materials. I have not costed in the expense of electricity for the sewing machine and iron. Postage is £2.50, included in the total price of £16.50.  Paypal will take 80p from each bag.

The postage cost is for the UK only, please contact me if you are outside the UK and want to buy a bag. If you buy one accidentally from outside the UK I’ll refund you.