A Week on WW2 Rations


When my son was 8 we spent a week on World War 2 rations. He was learning about WW2 in school at the time and I thought it would be interesting to try to turn back the clock and get some idea of how it was like.

This is the diary of that week with photos and recipes. It is a 26 page PDF you can download or read online.



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This started the week before when we tried to make fudge from carrots from a WW2 recipe. It was vile but that didn’t put us off trying World War 2 rations for a whole week.

We had a make shift bomb shelter under the kitchen table and I downloaded an air raid siren which I played at random moments. I had a war time hits record and we listened to the World Service. I didn’t make my son go to school with a gas mask though!