From Piles to Files – declutter your paperwork Audio Book


From Piles to Files is a book that will help you declutter your paperwork and get a filing system for life. It’s easy and quick.

33 minutes – audiobook narrated by Hilary Beaton

Is your paperwork out of control? This book will help you sort it out in 5 days.

If you didn’t think sorting out your paperwork was possible without tears then think again. From Piles to Files will help you create a filing system that is perfect for you, in a very small amount of time. With a quick method as well as 5 guided days of decluttering you cannot fail to regain control.


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Home life and business life can both benefit from a good solid strategy to control paperwork. Life is much less stressful when you can find documents when you need them. If you are self employed, have kids in school, are doing a course, like saving recipes or have a stash of bits of coloured paper to use as crafting inspiration this method will work for you too.

This book has easy to follow tips and a guided walk through that walks you through 5 days of paperwork decluttering.

Each day you will learn different skills that will help you learn:

How to identify paper you really need to keep
How to set up an easy to use filing system for work and financial records
How to make it easy to find those bits of paper you keep for ‘one day’ because they are useful
How to set up a really simple system to keep it under control
How to get into the habit of filing painlessly

Reviews for From Piles to Files

‘I am a self confessed paperwork hater, but ignoring it doesn’t make it go away… so I tried the less-stuff 5 days of de-cluttering book. After 5 days and about four hours work I have a simplified filing system and some good habits established to help me keep paper under control. My head feels clearer and paperwork is no longer a chore.’

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