Bedroom Decluttering the Easy Way


In “Declutter Your Bedroom the Easy Way” you will be gently guided through 7 different clutter hot spots and learn how to keep control of your clutter easily.

You will get:

  • A 22 page PDF you can download or read online
  • Clear instructions on how to establish decluttering habits in an easy way
  • A daily worksheet with a different area to focus on for 5 days
  • Checklists and charts to track progress

Revised and updated in May 2018

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In “Declutter Your Bedroom the Easy Way” you will find easy and quick ways to work out what you want to keep and what you no longer need.

You won’t need to pull out all your clothes into a pile, or hone down your wardrobe to a capsule. This is decluttering for non-minimalists, for people who love stuff.


  • Detailed instructions on how to make decluttering as easy as possible.
  • How to get over decluttering overwhelm
  • Decluttering guides for these specific areas:
    • Underwear and Socks
    • Bedroom Surfaces
    • Toiletries and Cosmetics
    • Clothes that don’t fit
    • Things that make you feel bad
    • Different Viewpoints
    • Bowls, boxes and containers.
  • A recluttering checklist to help you avoid replacing what you have decluttered.

The book is 22 pages long and can be printed or viewed online. You can just print out what you need to save paper and you can use it again and again.



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