30 Decluttering Prompts


A compilation of 30 five minute decluttering prompts from www.less-stuff.co.uk

Including full instructions on how to make decluttering easy and painless.


  • Control and declutter your jewellery collection painlessly
  • 5 ways to stop waste paper getting into your house
  • Have you got too many jam jars? This is how to declutter them
  • Declutter your leftovers into something delicious
  • Declutter wrapping paper and packaging
  • Quick and easy storage cupboard decluttering
  • Tips for keeping houseplants and flowers clutter free
  • 5 quick ways to declutter Gmail
  • 5 quick ways to declutter Yahoo email
  • Decluttering Handbags in Easy Steps
  • Books and magazines
  • Start dealing with your paperwork
  • Decluttering cold weather clothes
  • Declutter Underwear, Pants and Bras
  • Crockery and Cutlery
  • Declutter the fridge and freezer
  • Food and Drink
  • How to declutter films and DVD’s easily
  • Declutter Cosmetics and Toiletries Easily
  • Decluttering under the sink
  • Will it reall y come in handy one day or should youdeclutter it?
  • How to declutter broken stuff easily
  • Different ways of looking at things
  • Will you really finish it?
  • Decluttering hobbies, crafts and materials
  • Getting rid of things that don’t fit
  • Does clutter make you feel good or bad?
  • Decluttering shelves in 5 minutes
  • Quickly declutter bowls, boxes and baskets
  • Decluttering Kitchen Drawers