no straw day 2018

No Straw Day June 5th 2018

no straw day 2018

Billions of plastic straws are used once and thrown away every day, enough to fill 1000 school buses every 24 hours!

Heal our World helps anyone make a difference by coordinating simple challenges to do one small thing that has the power to improve our world.  They are running a challenge on the 5th June to get people to stop using plastic straws for 24 hours. You can record your participation so we can celebrate our combined impact.

The challenge is to say no to straws for a day and ask 3 friends to do the same. Over a million people are already signed up.

Not all straws are bad though – you can make your own bamboo straws or get a set of reusable silicone ones from glugglugplanet.

silicone straws

make your own bamboo straws

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