March 2018 – life audit

What I’ve been doing and enjoying this month. A record to keep me on track of what I’ve done and what I want to do.


Nothing, I have forgotten how to read. I can barely read a magazine article without checking Facebook so I’m trying to keep Sundays social media free.

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Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors and I’m finding it very hard going.

Craftsy had a free weekend so I did a bread making course and a hearty stew course.  It was the first time I’d done a course on Craftsy and I was really impressed. I learned a lot!

Listening to:

Philosophy podcast split into easy chunks, with some wit and gentle ribbing of the cast too.

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Onto the sleeves of the Enchanted Mesa jumper from scrap yarn.

I have a batch of Morsbags on the go too.


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I’ve changed the way I use the Trigg Life Mapper so I write a daily Haiku.


I’ve moved some fruit bushes to the sunnier side of the garden and they are already sprouting little green shoots of optimism.

Favourite object in January:

Smeg Victoria Oven


This cost a lot of money, I’ve been saving up for years. My last oven cost £50 and lasted over a decade so I was due a good one. It has a section at the bottom you can take out and replace with a pizza brick!

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