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January 2018 – life audit

This is more for me than anyone else, it is just a list of what I’m working on this month, what I’m enjoying, what is working and what needs work. I’m currently fascinated in our relationship with our belongings and I’m looking at different theories around design.


The Making of a Home. It is interesting to find out that the 17thc Dutch paintings of interiors were as edited as a perfectly photoshopped Instagram. In real life they would have lived with more clutter and mess, these were aspirational paintings designed to make the owners look better.

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Emmanuel de Witte
Interior with a Woman Playing a Virginal
About 1660
Oil on canvas . Image from Wikepedia


Plato – Theory of Forms. The idea that there is an ultimate form of everything that we distantly remember and are striving to recreate.

Hylomorphism (theory developed by Aristotle,  being (ousia) comprises of matter and form).

Metaphysics and the different causes of form: material (what it is made of what we can see, touch, taste etc.), efficient (the force that pushes it into being, the maker) formal (the essence of the object, what it does) and final (why it does it).

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Excellent podcast that zig zags back and forth from Eastern to Western philosophy and encourages interesting thoughts.


Ancient Philosophy: Plato & His Predecessors

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I’m still knitting my way through my yarn stash, currently trying to invent a top down jumper with a pixellated gradation. There has been lots of frogging.


Rebelfit Fresh Start Nutrition Course. A no nonsense approach to eating food and losing the crappy dieters mindset. Kale for breakfast is good, cake for breakfast is good. All food is ok, guilt makes you binge.


Using a Trigg Life Mapper to set daily goals is working well.

I’m writing longer lists for work in an A6 leuchtturm1917 and using a nice orange Leuchtturm1917 A5 in my handbag.

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Favourite object in January:

Kaweko bad taste fountain pen. from www.pocketnotebooks.co.uk

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