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A really cool way to declutter kids drawings from Scarlett, Tulip & Co

In a nutshell – kids produce a lot of art. Some of it is clearly genius and needs preserving. Scarlett, Tulip & Co turn kids art into professional illustrations.

My very favourite drawing by my son was made when he was really angry with me. It is of me sitting on the toilet and the words ‘I hate you like dog doo doo’ carefully written over the top. I genuinely really love this, I was so impressed with him expressing his anger with pens rather than by breaking something or shouting at me. Sadly it is fading, felt tips don’t last forever. There is another, barely discernible little picture of a smiling mum and son and the words ‘today has been a happee day’ that I really wish I had found some way to preserve.

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At home, he would draw his feelings and at school he would draw what he was told. He did a lot of drawing and painting at school and each term ended with a whopping great big folder of the stuff.

How to control the amount of kids artwork

I’ve got various strategies that worked for us to save us from drowning in paper:

  1. Have a designated display area for art and operate a one in, one out rule
  2. Each time a new batch comes back from school edit it down to the very best as soon as you can. If you leave it, it can mount up.
  3. Remember that your child will probably not want reams of their kindergarden artwork when they are adults.
  4. Preserve the best by making collages and framing them
  5. Get a professional to translate kids art into something more permanent.

Turn kids art into something you can keep

To be quite honest, some kids art is almost impossible to translate. Legs are often a bit numerous and people look like potatoes. My middle sister went through a phase of drawing mustaches on everything which didn’t help you work out what they were supposed to be.  The best stuff seems to fade too fast, and although photos can keep a little of the essence they are never quite the same. If you want to keep the concept of a kids drawing alive, and like the idea of an artist translating it into something more recognisable there is a small family business that can help you out.

Scarlett Tulip and Co

Here is a little story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who drew a picture. Her dad was an illustrator and when he drew his version on the opposite page they had a brilliant idea…..

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Scarlett, Tulip & Co have a great way to preserve the best of your kids drawings. You send in the original artwork and Sim the illustrator will start sketching. The process is checked with photos along the way so you are sure you are getting what you want. They say

“It’s not an attempt to improve the already talented artwork a child has created; it’s a collaboration between the unfiltered creativity of the child’s mind and then reimagined in the equally childlike mind of the illustrator.”

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Scarlett Tulip and Co

How this can help you declutter

Things are good, it is good to have things! Things with happy memories are the best type and Scarlett, Tulip & Co will even combine a few drawings into one painting so you can save space.

Further info

Pen and Inks are drawn on 280gsm Bristol Board Paper and Sennelier Indian Inks. Watercolours are all painted on 400gsm Bockingford paper and Windsor & Newton paints finished with Sennelier Indian Inks.

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I am not affiliated or rewarded in any way by Scarlett, Tulip & Co, I just think it is a sweet idea and I like how Sim is not shying away from the macabre and gory side of children’s imaginations. He is just as happy to paint zombies as he is to paint rainbows.

Scarlett Tulip and Co








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