A is for Accountability – The new less-stuff group on Patreon

Patreons get exclusive content.  I share different methods, tips and tricks to make life easier, live more sustainably and get things done. At the moment I’m working through the alphabet month by month.  This is a taste of the kind of stuff Patreons are getting. I will add to it so they get more info worksheets and links to other resources.

If you are missing the less-stuff Facebook group I’m sorry. It was glorious and wonderful but it didn’t pay my bills and it took over my life. The alternative is Patreon where you can get the same kind of community feeling and quality support for a minimum of $1 a month. If you can afford the internet, I’m pretty sure you can afford the extra dollar a month, or 76p to have access to a less-stuff group. If you value the service you get and want to pay more for it I’m not going to stop you!

Here is the most recent post that the Patreons have. It is the first in a series and I’ll be adding practical solutions, worksheets and more as we go through the month. We can also use the space to talk about it and share ideas. It’s going to be wonderful!

What is Accountability

If you have any responsibilities at all you can consider yourself accountable. From watering the plants to submitting a tax return, there are tasks that will have consequences if we don’t do them. That is accountability.

Why is it important?

For those tasks we set ourselves, there is no sanction if we don’t do them, other than possibly a feeling of guilt. We are still accountable, but more to ourselves. We can use accountability to help us stay on track with challenges and to get more mundane tasks finished.

When can you use it?

This is totally up to you. I suggest starting off small, and planning a clutter free reward for when you have finished it. If you make yourself accountable for everything you want to achieve it is likely to be so overwhelming you can’t start!

How does it work?

The first thing to do is choose some ways to be accountable that work for you. This may involve other people, or it may be something you monitor yourself. Here are some ideas:

Make it public

Posting your goal and work towards it as you go along on social media can really make a difference. Assuming your followers and friends are supportive, you are likely to get lots of positive strokes and make people genuinely happy that you are getting there.

Share to a select few

Private and closed groups (such as this one on Patreon) are a safe space to share how you are getting on. If they are well moderated you will not get any negative comments. You can make your own groups too, just check the privacy settings if you are using a social media platform.

Or you could meet up in real life. Book clubs, craft clubs, running clubs etc. all have a degree of accountability in them. If you don’t show up, people will miss you and if you are working as part of a team effort, your absence will affect other people.

Buddy up

If you go deep sea diving you do it in a pair. Each person looks out for the other. Pairing up on a challenge can really motivate you to succeed. You could arrange regular check ins with each other by email, phone or in person.

Find a mentor

This is different to buddying up because there is a hierarchy. The mentor is generally someone who is accomplished in the field in which you want to succeed. They can provide expert help and encouragement.

Lists and charts

If you want more privacy in your accountability you can keep it in a notebook. Check off lists, colour in boxes, doodle, draw or journal. Whatever helps you keep track of your movement towards the goal will hold you accountable to yourself.

Reward systems

Don’t dismiss the old fashioned star chart as being just for kids. You can put marbles in a jar, pebbles in a row or get some sticky stars to reward yourself for each step of your goal. No matter how old you are, you will get a happy feeling from dopamine for each reward, it is just the way our brains are wired.

The next step is to choose a task to apply accountability to. There will be worksheets to help you along in the Patreon group but for the moment, just have a think about different ways this could work for you.