5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering


No need to get stressed out about kitchen clutter.

In 5 Days of Kitchen Decluttering you will be gently guided through 5 different clutter hot spots and learn how to keep control easily.


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Is your kitchen getting you down?

This book will talk you through 5 days of gentle decluttering and help you get rid of the clutter you do not need in the kitchen.

There is no purging, no overhauling, no emptying of cupboards and most importantly: no stress!

We often live surrounded by clutter and hardly notice it. Or, we notice the clutter too much and are too overwhelmed to start.

Decluttering is easy with less-stuff. With instructions every step of the way and gentle prompts you will soon find you have made more space in your kitchen.

You will get:

  • A 16 page PDF with a responsive version you can read on the internet if you prefer.
  • Clear instructions on how to establish decluttering habits in an easy way
  • A daily worksheet with a different area to focus on for 5 days


  • Detailed instructions on how to make decluttering as easy as possible.
  • Decluttering guides for these specific areas:
    • Crockery and Cutlery
    • The Fridge and Freezer
    • Food and Drink
    • Under the Sink
    • Kitchen Drawers
  • A recluttering checklist to help you avoid replacing what you have decluttered.

The book is 16 pages and can be printed or viewed online.



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